Mission - Vision


By targeting customer satisfaction as a priority in construction materials sector, to meet need and demands of customers ideally via expert staff, to reinforce and perpetuate confidence provided by adopting quality, rapid and the most importantly honest service as principles in sales and after-sale services. By serving an expanded product range, to meet changing needs of our clients with our quality services delivered by the most qualified employees.


As Emek Yapı, our vision is to reach for the sky day by day and to attain an organizational structure for achieving goal of being “Leading Company” in the sector by following innovations in the construction materials sector perpetually. By acting with the conscious of living in a rapidly-changing world, we are coddling to update our product line in accordance with the admiration of our clients. As being the company having a claim to be leading company in this sector, we propagandize the slogan of “Livable places are ‘labor’ed” “THERE IS ALWAYS “EMEK” IN LIVEABLE PLACES”
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